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Capitalization of 30 years of action for Early Childhood in Cambodia

Capitalization: 30 years of action for Early Childhood in Cambodia (ENG)


Study: Social dynamics of populations in precarious neighborhoods - Cambodia (ENG)


Study: Resettlement of the inhabitants of Borei Keila - what lessons 10 years later (ENG)


Study: Employer-supported childcare in Cambodia (ENG)

Auditor's Report and Financial Statements-PE-2015-300x300

Feedback: Renovation of informal settlements in Phnom Penh (ENG)

Other documents

PE&D Child protection charter

PE&D Child Protection Charter (ENG)

PE&D's gender equality policy

PE&D's gender equality policy (FR)

PE&D Gender policy

PE&D Gender Equality Policy (ENG)

PE&D's anti-fraud and corruption policy

PE&D Anti-Fraud Policy (FR-ENG)

PE&D's Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorism Policy

Anti-money laundering and terrorism financing policy (FR)

30 years PE&D

30 years of action - 2014 (FR)


International Convention on the Rights of the Child - 1989 (FR)

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