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Burkina Faso has been facing less the global pandemic of Covid-19 than security and human rights challenges in recent months. Attacks by armed groups have intensified, worsening the humanitarian situation.
Violence in eight of the country's 13 regions has forced nearly two million people to flee their homes. The government is struggling to deal with the growing number of IDPs.
These repeated attacks also plague children's education: as of fall 2021, there were 2,877 closed schools (more than 11% of the nation's schools), depriving 344,363 children of schooling.
However, Burkina Faso, a rural country (nearly 74% of the population) and very young (64% under 25 years of age) still faces many challenges in education and employment.
44% of Burkinabe youth aged 15 to 24 live below the poverty line and 92% of the jobs available to them are in the informal sector. Unfortunately, an idle youth population is easier to recruit into armed groups.
Also, in spite of the State's will to develop early childhood services and that of the country's 359 communes, which share with the State responsibilities for providing the population with basic social services in the areas of civil status, health, education, etc., these services are still lacking due to a lack of resources.
Early childhood education and care facilities remain scarce and of poor quality, with poorly trained staff. And only 6 children out of 100 go to kindergarten.

Little girl at the Dar Salaam school in Burkina Faso
IDPs: protection and integration
Little girl at the Dar Salaam school in Burkina Faso
To improve the development of children from 3 to 6 years old
Early Childhood Educator in the classroom in Burkina Faso
Educators trained for quality education
Mom in Burkina Faso
Parenting support
Maternal assistant Burkina Faso
Maternity assistant: training and a recognized diploma
Children from the village of Biyéné supported by Planète Enfants & Développement in Burkina Faso
Efficient social and civil services
College against school dropout in Burkina Faso
Construction of a college to avoid school dropout
Little girl with a BiiBop doll in Burkina Faso
BiiBop, social and solidarity toy company
Children washing their hands at school in Burkina Faso
Improving hand hygiene in schools

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