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BiiBop, social enterprise for games and toys

The few daycare centers and preschools called CEEP (Centre d'Eveil et d'Education Préscolaire) in Burkina Faso lack games and toys to stimulate the children. The few that the educators have are stored in cupboards for fear of damaging them.

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The context

Play is one of the most appropriate methods to accompany children in their development. It allows them to imagine, share, decide, reflect, observe, invent, organize, compare, look, plan, touch.

In Burkina Faso, where schooling is only compulsory from the age of 6, daycare centers and preschools are still rare. The structures that do exist often lack the necessary means to provide quality teaching materials.

In 2017, Planète Enfants & Développement piloted a study entrusted to APEJEF (Association pour la Promotion de l'Education des Jeunes Enfants au Faso), with 29 CEEPs in the country, to make an inventory of available games and toys and collect the needs for new materials. Twenty prototypes were then designed and their pedagogical benefits tested in schools by education inspectors. BiiBop was soon born.

How is your donation used?

For every 100€ collected by Planète Enfants & Développement, 85€ are dedicated to our social mission.

Our projects are evaluated by independent firms. And our accounts are audited and certified each year by KPMG.

of children attend kindergarten

Public preschools (CEEP)

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The project

BiiBop was born in April 2019 with the challenge of growing children through play.

BiiBop is a Burkinabe social and solidarity enterprise which designs, manufactures and markets educational toys and materials for children aged 0 to 6.

Schools have access to quality materials. Professionals are supported in their work. And the links between parents and children are strengthened.

Each step, from design to manufacturing, is designed to have a positive local impact. BiiBop helps to strengthen the economic fabric since the raw materials are local (faso danfani, wax, calabash ...) and that the ten craftsmen, carpenters, painters, seamstresses and designers, are Burkinabé.

All the material is available online on the website www.jouer-biibop.com. There are wooden puzzles or dominoes, but also puppets or educational fabric cushions to learn how to tie your own shoes. A real gold mine for young and old alike and a good way to prepare children for elementary school!

BiiBop's development prospects are very promising in Burkina Faso and in the sub-region. In the next 3 years, the structure wishes to invest in Research & Development but also acquire new machines and optimize its production line to create new educational products (especially in the area of inclusive education and outdoor play).

BiiBop belongs to 60% to its co-founder, Colombe Crétin and 40% to the association Planète Enfants & Développement. While ensuring its financial viability, BiiBop's profits will be reinvested to pursue its social missionTo develop children's abilities from an early age and create the conditions for their success.

Biibop is therefore a local, ethical, fun and educational project.

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"In Burkina Faso, most games and toys are imported, expensive and not well adapted to the socio-cultural context of the country."

Rosine Kiema, co-founder and commercial director of BiiBop

Our partners in the field

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