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International news in Cambodia, Nepal, Vietnam and Burkina Faso, but also news in France and expert advice on the theme of Childhood, discover our latest news.

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Domestic Violence: children as victims

Domestic violence and its consequences on children is the subject that Nolwenn Deschard, our Early Childhood Expert, develops this week.
For the child to grow up serenely, he/she must feel physically and psychologically safe. Only when a climate of physical and verbal violence is established between the parents, the child, witness of these violences, becomes himself a victim.

Portrait of Maya Greet Verbist in Nepal

Portrait of Maya Greet Verbist, our Nepal Director

It's Maya Greet Verbist's turn, Planète Enfants & Développement's Nepal Director, to take part in our portrait of the month. Meeting with the most Nepalese of the Belgians! Maya, but who are you? I have to tell you: everyone calls me Maya, but I'm not...

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