40 years of commitment

for children!

Creating equal opportunities

from early childhood

Planète Enfants & Développement is a child protection association. It responds to the urgent need to protect children in danger, but also to educate, grow and integrate these future citizens.

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There are many ways to take action to help the most vulnerable children.

Our expertise

Early Childhood Development

Early Childhood Development

Access to quality pre-school care and education for children aged 0-6, support for parenthood (MDG 4)

Education, Training, Entrepreneurship

Education, training, entrepreneurship

Lifelong education: pre-school, primary and secondary education, technical/vocational training and support for youth and women's entrepreneurship (SDG 4 and SDG 8)

Protecting women and children against violence

Protecting women and children against violence

Preventing and protecting women and children, and combating violence, exploitation and human trafficking (SDG 5 and SDG 8)

Social support for families

Social support for families

Social support to help families gain access to decent housing and basic services, particularly those affected by the effects of climate change and conflict (MDG 11)

Gender equality and environmental preservation are major components of each of our 4 thematic areas of intervention.


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