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International news in Cambodia, Nepal, Vietnam and Burkina Faso, but also news in France and expert advice on the theme of Childhood, discover our latest news.

Recovering from abuse

Building back up after abuse: Nisha's testimony

Nisha is one of the young Nepalese women supported in their reconstruction by our partner Chhori. With this association, we have just opened a new social center in Kathmandu to provide medical and psychosocial support to young women...

resolve conflicts with the hourglass

The object that will settle conflicts: the hourglass

This week, for our One Week One Tip appointment, our Early Childhood expert Nolwenn Deschard, tells us about an object that allows us to rethink the education of the youngest. We all ask ourselves what object is essential when we have children.

Menstrual cycle training for Chepang adolescents in Nepal

Chepang teenage girls: a menstrual cycle training

The Nepalese teenagers of the Chepang ethnic group, welcomed in the boarding school we built in 2021, participated at the beginning of May in a 3 days training on their menstrual cycle and puberty, with a main objective: to make them stronger and proud...

Valérie Sum, volunteer in skills sponsorship

Portrait of Valerie Sum, skills patronage volunteer

My name is Valérie Sum. I have been a full-time volunteer for 1 year at the Planète Enfants & Développement head office, in skills sponsorship. Discover Valérie's background and missions. Can you tell us about the skills sponsorship developed in your company?

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