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International news in Cambodia, Nepal, Vietnam and Burkina Faso, but also news in France and expert advice on the theme of Childhood, discover our latest news.

Trang Dang, assistante sociale dans le cadre du projet de lutte contre la traite des enfants au Vietnam.

Portrait de Trang Dang, assistante sociale au Vietnam

Partez à la rencontre ce mois-ci de Trang Dang, assistante sociale aux côtés d'enfants et de familles dans le cadre de notre projet de lutte contre la traite au Vietnam.Trang, peux-tu te présenter en quelques mots ? Avec plaisir ! Je m’appelle Trang Dang, j’ai 28...

The children of a school in Kampot, Cambodia

5 years later, schools are working well

Stephanie Selle, our Director in Cambodia, went to visit 8 communal preschools that the association built in 2018 in the Kampot region. What can we say about these schools 5 years later? "I was happy to see that the buildings are...

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A child's sleep, what if it were easier?

This week, we are interested in children's sleep with Nolwenn Deschard, our Early Childhood Expert. Throughout early childhood, your child's sleep evolves. In order to better understand and anticipate the period of sleep of your child, we have decided to...

Early childhood, girl in Cambodia

Early Childhood Week: let's shine a light on them

What if we took advantage of the 10th anniversary of the Semaine de la Petite Enfance, organized from March 18 to 25, 2023 by the association Agir, to highlight parents from all over the world, early childhood educators, but also our teams and partners in our...

A social worker listens to a child in Vietnam

Child labor in Vietnam: our actions accelerate

After conducting surveys in two Vietnamese cities to better understand child trafficking in the country, we are currently providing social assistance services to families in extreme poverty to prevent child labor and to provide them with the means to...

Having self-confidence is what I am looking for. Dinisha, Nepal

Having confidence, I learn - Dinisha in Nepal

My name is Dinisha, I am 28 years old. I stopped my studies in class 10 (the equivalent of second grade) because we could not afford to continue. My mother got sick and we moved to Kathmandu to get her treated. She passed away...

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