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Landlocked between India and China, Nepal has again found itself in the grip of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2021.
Agriculture, tourism and remittances, which are the main economic sources of the country, have suffered from the effects of the pandemic.
A situation that further weakens the most vulnerable. In this country of more than 60 ethnic groups and 120 languages, where castes are illegal but unequal practices are still present, and where patriarchal mores are deeply rooted, discrimination against the poorest and women is taking its toll. The country ranks 110th out of 162 countries in terms of gender inequality. School dropouts, early marriages and pregnancies push many young girls to flee from the countryside to cities such as the capital Kathmandu; a situation that fuels the exploitation networks in place in the country.

Children at the kindergarten in Nepal
Equal opportunities: early childhood development, a priority
A social center for young prostitutes
Young Chepang girls playing in front of their new home
Education for girls: a new hostel for Chepang girls
Exploited women and their children protected with the help of Planète Enfants & Développement
Helping women who are sexually exploited

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