Renovating a shelter for abused women in Vietnam

19 Jan, 2021

We have just finished renovating and equipping part of the day care center for women victims of violence, managed by our partner SCDI* in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

women victims of violence

About forty women are followed in the center. Often accompanied by their children, they find protection and listening during the day. They can go there to rest, take a shower, eat, receive basic health care...

The center's social worker provides them with a sympathetic ear and directs them to the public and private services they need: medical, psychological and legal assistance.... This shelter is a day center. If these women do not know where to sleep at night, we offer them emergency accommodation in a guest house that is a partner in the project. In case of long-term need, we help them rent a room or find a place in a long-term shelter.


In the framework of a support program for women who wish to do so over several months, they can receive financial assistance to follow a professional training, start a business or find a job. They are also guided to understand their rights and how to react to escape violence.

In 2020, the shelter's social worker received two trainings from our local partners, CSAGA and MSD*: one conducted on how to support victims of gender-based violence, and the other on gender issues. Our project manager also coached her in analyzing the individual cases of these women and their follow-up.

Planète Enfants & Développement has also developed a specific and comprehensive methodology with guidance to the appropriate services, group therapy to help recovery, training sessions to prevent and fight against discrimination and inequalities that can lead to violence. This methodology will be the subject of a manual that will be published and shared in the coming weeks.

This is just the first step. Within the framework of our Hy Vong project, we wish to set up with our partners within a few months, a one-stop reception center within a hospital to help women and their children in a global way.

Nationwide, there are only 2 shelters for abused women. Yet, more than half of women confided that they had been victim of some form of violence by their spouse at the beginning of 2010 (the only national study available in the country).

*SCDI: Center for Supporting Community Development Initiatives
*CSAGA: Center for Studies and Applied Sciences In Gender
*MSD: Research Center for Management and Sustainable Development

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