Partnership: they support a boarding school in Nepal

Oct 1, 2020

Unity is strength! Once again, we have the proof. By its multi-faceted characteristics, the boarding school project for young girls from the Chepang ethnic group in Nepal has been able to seduce different and complementary partners. Welcome and protection of the most vulnerable, equality and emancipation of girls, personal development through sport, respect for the environment and prevention of natural disasters: our 4 partners defend these priorities at our side.

The Rainbow Bridge Foundation helps women and children to rebuild their lives in regions affected by natural disasters, by improving their living conditions in a sustainable way. The foundation renews its confidence in us and supports the project with 55 000€.

The UEFA Children's Foundation is committed to helping those most in need by turning fundamental values - such as human dignity, solidarity and hope - into an opportunity to improve their lives. With €43,000 donated for this project, we are starting a great partnership.

For the Abbé Pierre FoundationThe Foundation, which fights against poor housing in France, but also abroad, dignified and respectful housing conditions must be universal. Thank you also for this 2nd collaboration of 40 000€.

Duonexta consulting and IT solutions integration firm, is engaging the company and its employees for the third consecutive year in the Run for Heroes.


The financing of a project is often the meeting of public and private donors, but also of donors.

We still need more than 40,000 euros for the project. If 1000 of you make an additional donation of 40€, we will make it together. THANK YOU for your generosity.

Your donations are pooled, they finance all the activities of Planet & Development, except for specific requests from you.

October 1, 2020

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