You'd think she'd have nothing left to learn: testimony from Mina, teacher in Nepal

29 Feb, 2024
testimonial from a teacher

Mina is 35 years old. She is one of the kindergarten teachers working in one of the 48 schools we support in Gorkha, Nepal, and whom we trained for a week in January on how to run and manage a class of 3-6 year-olds. At first glance, you'd think she'd have nothing left to learn, but she does!


"I have 14 years' experience as a teacher. But I really enjoyed this training. I discovered ideas for making teaching materials from local resources such as stones, wood and corn.

Why not teach the alphabet in a different way? I've got into the habit of having the children repeat the list of all the letters. But now I'm thinking I can take the time to study each letter one by one, and suggest that the children color or write them.

I also picked up ideas for creating themed learning corners in different areas of the classroom. But also new games to play together... I would have liked the training to have been longer, to tackle subjects such as child assessment, for example. I'm also convinced that regular sessions would be very beneficial to refresh and enrich our knowledge."

Following this training, we are currently carrying out a needs assessment of the schools in terms of classroom fittings, sanitary facilities, kitchens and play areas. Following this assessment, 10 priority schools will benefit from improvements.

The 48 schools will also be provided with teaching aids, games and toys selected in conjunction with teachers and the municipality at the start of the school year in April 2024.

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