Understand the tax deductions related to donations in the context of the withholding tax

Nov 13, 2018

Next year, income tax will be deducted directly from employees' paychecks.

tax_deduction_blueThis does not call into question the tax deduction to which your donations entitle you (66% of the amount of the donation is deductible from the tax payable). On the contrary, part of the financial advantage will be granted as early as next January: indeed, the administration will make the assumption that you have made in 2018 a donation equivalent to that of 2017 and will pay you, by check or transfer, 60% of the tax reduction, as early as January 2019. If you did make a gift of the same value, the remaining 40% will be paid to you in November 2019. If you made a smaller or larger donation, that will be adjusted, also in November.

If you made a donation for the first time in 2018, the full tax reduction will be paid in November.

A small example to clarify... You gave us 100 euros in 2017 and 200 euros in 2018 (thank you!). In January 2019, you will receive tax money (champagne!): 60% of the 66 euros deduction related to your donation (i.e. 39.60 euros). In April, 2019 you will declare your donation of 200 euros. In November 2019, you will receive the remaining 40% of the deduction linked to the 2017 donation (i.e. 26.40 euros) + 66 euros of tax deduction linked to the additional donation of 100 euros in 2018.

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