The WOM: 4 midwives with a big heart

29 Jul, 2021
The WOM are 4 moms, friends and midwives from the North of France who spontaneously contacted us a few weeks ago to tell us about their dream: to make a solidarity trek in Nepal in the spring of 2022.

Since the launch of this crazy idea after a night of guard, Agathe, Carolde, Lauriane and Melanie do not stop any more to carry out their project to leave to the meeting of the Nepalese women and to support them with Planète Enfants & Développement.

Creative and on all fronts, they have created a collection of bracelets but also a fundraising on Facebook to help the young girls of the Chepang ethnic group welcomed in our home in Nepal.

During all this year, they will continue to carry out actions, sports events to collect funds to realize this trek and to support Planète Enfants & Développement.
So don't hesitate to follow their adventures on their social networks and support their project: @wom_trekking

WOM for Women, walk, world🌍 Mothers, midewives, mahila (woman in Nepali)

>> To go further: Are you inspired by the WOM? Do what they do, support our association by creating your own fund on Facebook

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