Sorya Chan, honored in AFD's Women Voices exhibition in Cambodia

17 Dec, 2021
AFD Exhibition Sorya Chan, influential woman in Cambodia

Sorya Chan, Director of our Kidora crèche in Cambodia, is one of the 13 Cambodian women honored in the Women Voices exhibition by photographer Sereyrath Mech, organized by the French Development Agency (AFD) on the occasion of its 80th anniversary and inaugurated at the French Embassy in Phnom Penh.

" This exhibition aims to highlight them, to echo their struggle for a more just and equal world, where girls have equal access to education, where women have access to positions and responsibilities regardless of their gender. A world in which they are not confined to stereotypical roles, but where their talents can be fully expressed in all areas of society. "Ophélie Bourhis, Director of AFD in Cambodia

> Discover the booklet of the exhibition with the testimony of Sorya Chanrepresentative of Planète Enfants & Développement, and 12 other inspiring women in their actions for gender equality in Cambodia (PDF ©AFD2021)

As part of this project, which aims to give a voice to women, Sorya Chan is also invited to the microphone of Adana Mam-Legrosan artist and activist in Cambodia. Alongside 3 other influential women, they exchange on the gender inequalities still present in the country and this from the school, and of solutions to make the situation change.

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