100 schools in Cambodia up to standard

16 Feb, 2023

The mission is accomplished, the end of the year 2022 closes the large-scale project of upgrading 100 communal kindergartens with our partner Bandos Komar. A look back at 3 years of intervention in 4 provinces of Cambodia.

Our team had to face multiple challenges throughout the project such as the Covid-19 pandemic, a budget initially planned for 20 buildings when over the months the actual needs proved to be much larger, a notable increase in construction costs and the difficulty of finding co-financing to the funds provided by the main donor, the European Union.

In spite of this, the team, the partners, the local authorities and the inhabitants of the municipalities involved never gave up. The spirit of collaboration established and the involvement of all made it possible to obtain land, to develop an alternative construction model at lower costs, to find additional financial resources and to include the project in a real consideration of the development of Early Childhood in each municipality and at the provincial level.

At the beginning of 2023, there are 2,583 children enrolled in the schools involved, 200 more than three years ago.

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