"Lá Nails", beauty and solidarity!

Nov 8, 2018

Blue decor, soft armchairs, soothing atmosphere ... the salon "Lá Nails *", dedicated to the beauty of nails is a small haven of peace in the center of the tumultuous city of Ho Chi Minh.

The young SO, 16 years old, practices on oranges before grating real feet!

Young So, 16, practices on oranges before grating real feet!

Opened to the public since October 6, its vocation is to offer training with practical apprenticeship to about twenty young people per year. This is a new approach in Vietnam where vocational education is often too theoretical and not well adapted to the job market and to the expectations of young people; due to the lack of relevant orientation, the dropout rate of young people in vocational training is staggering (40 %)!

This beautiful workshop is the result of a work carried out with Nhan Dao, a vocational training center partner of PE&D since 2013, which welcomes a public of vulnerable and poorly educated young people, orphans or from families often resulting from the rural exodus and in social or economic difficulty. In addition to the possibility of practicing in a real situation, our project also integrates the teaching of personal skills and abilities necessary for the challenges and demands of professional life: the sense of communication, flexibility, the sense of teamwork, resistance to stress, creativity...

The project is expected to be self-financing by 2020, with the profits supporting the youth in their tuition.

*Lá Nails : from the Vietnamese Lá (help) and from the English Nails

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