March 8 international women's rights day

8 Mar, 2018

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This Thursday, March 8 is the international day dedicated to women's rights.

In the 4 countries where we work, we fight against all forms of discrimination, especially those affecting women. Often affected by extreme poverty, many women are deprived of their rights to education, income and sexual and reproductive health care. Much progress remains to be made so that they can emancipate themselves and protect their children.

Today, we share with you the testimonies of 4 women who have benefited from our projects of professional integration, fight against violence and social support. 4 women who have regained their power to act by our side.



Min SongMin Song, beneficiary of the project against violence against women in Cambodia

"In 20 years of marriage, I had never been happy. My husband was an alcoholic and aggressive. After the birth of our first child, he became violent. He insulted me and hit me. It was a real torture. Then I met PE&D. The discussion groups and their support helped me to verbalize my feelings, gain confidence and find the strength to stand up to my husband. Today, I am able to handle crises and our family is better. PE&D helped me to change my husband.


Joti RaiJoti Rai, beneficiary of the project against sexual exploitation in Nepal

"After working as a maid, I was hired in a restaurant as an assistant. I thought I could make a better living but I was paid very little. The customers were very aggressive with me. They would ask me for sexual services and the boss would force me to do it. I wanted to leave but what else could I do? That's when PE&D helped me by allowing me to learn another trade. Today I work as a security guard, I have a real salary and I feel safer.



K. Sakinata, beneficiary of the family support project in Burkina FasoK. Sakinata

"When I was 15 years old, I left my violent husband to come to Ouagadougou. I found myself on the street, begging with my children for food. I had no home and no job. A friend told me about PE&D and the personalized follow-up. I met a social worker who helped me clarify my goals. With her advice, I was able to start a laundry business. Today, I have a home and my children are better fed. I am confident in my future and in theirs.


Le Thi NhiLê Thi Nhi, beneficiary of the professional integration project in Vietnam

"When I graduated, I didn't know how to find a job. I didn't have confidence in myself and I felt unable to earn a living. The PE&D team helped me define my professional project. They showed me that I had strengths. I followed a work-study program thanks to a scholarship provided by PE&D. Today I have a job at L'Oréal that I like. I am financially independent and I can even help my parents pay for my little brother's school."



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