Training for childcare workers in Vietnam began this summer

Sep 25, 2022

Our trainers An and Thuy offered a first training session to 46 childcare assistants in Tan Phu district and 36 others in Thu Duc district in Ho Chi Minh City in August. The first session focused on the brain development of young children.

Visit to Vietnam by nursery assistants

They then visited the facilities where the educators work to accompany them in the application of the advice given.

This was the first in a series of 16 training sessions over 8 to 9 months for motivated childcare providers, who serve vulnerable families and are registered as "home-based" childcare providers in Vietnam with less than 70 children.

The objective of this certified training, conducted with the Vietnamese state-recognized program of our local partner OneSky, is to move away from a relatively authoritarian educational scheme and to propose alternative pedagogies that take into account the needs of the child.

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