Testimonies of parents, children and teachers in Nepal

24 Mar, 2022

While visiting schools where we trained teachers and offered parenting sessions in the Dhading region at the end of February, Maya Verbist, Planète Enfants & Développement's Nepal Director, collected some testimonies from parents, children and teachers.

"Lack of education among parents remains the main problem: some still need to understand the importance of sending children to school, keeping them clean and taking care of their books," Shiva P, Principal of Saraswati Basic School, Gajuri 5.

 "I have two children aged 10 and 5. I live from agriculture and I went to school until class 2 (CE1). Since my children's teachers have been trained, they are nicer to the children. The children learn by playing and not just by reciting by heart. My 5 year old son even asks to go to school on Saturdays", Ambika, mother of two children

"We like to come to school now because there are many toys," Samtu and Nichtal, two children at Rithukadevi Basic School, Gajuri 8.

parents' testimonies

"After some time, we realized that children also learn by playing and that they like to come to school," father of a child in the preschool.

"The snack (tiffin) that is provided at school is good for the children. The environment and teaching are much better than before. The children even want to come to school on Saturday to play. There is less homework but we have figured out why, they are too small. We also have to spend time with our children at home, not spank them and talk to them properly. We have also understood that we need to send clean children to school and on time", discussion with four mothers and one father from the kindergarten.

"The children do not come to school regularly because they have to walk a long distance, which is not possible when it is raining or too cold. But with the training I received, it is easier to keep the children attentive. I have learned to listen to them when they want to share something or how they feel, to speak softly to them and to make them learn by playing", kindergarten teacher at Panchakanya Basic School, Gajuri 8.

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