Improved health and education services in Pabré: project launch

26 Apr, 2023

On April 6, our team in Burkina Faso organized the kick-off meeting for a new project in Pabré to strengthen public services in this commune in terms of health and education, but also to support women's entrepreneurial initiatives.

Pabré Centre health center in Burkina Faso in April 2023

About 20 kilometers from Ouagadougou, the 40,000 inhabitants of the commune of Pabré benefit from 15 health centers (CSPS), 2 nursery schools (CEEP) and 4 micro-nurseries created by nursery assistants that we have trained since 2020.
However, the health center in Pabré Centre, built in the 1990s, is very run down. The kindergarten, which accommodates 105 children, is no longer up to standard and presents safety risks for the children. As for the establishments of the childcare assistants that we have trained, they are booming but their financial stability remains fragile.

With this project, supported by the Orange Foundation, we are going to renovate and equip a health center with equipment (consultation tables, mattresses, blood pressure monitors...), install toilets and build a fence wall around the new kindergarten that the commune is going to build. We will also provide the school with equipment, games and toys and supply food for the canteen. We will also support the training of the canteen workers and the school's management committee. Finally, we will provide ongoing training for the nursery assistants, equip their micro-nurseries with teaching materials and renovate one of their buildings.

Pabré Centre kindergarten in early 2023

The improvement of these health and education services will benefit more than 10,000 children and families.

At the launch meeting, which brought together some twenty members and active partners of the project at the Pabré town hall, the representative of the commune, Mr. Jean-Baptiste Ouedraogo, was particularly keen to thank Mr. Ibrahim Hema, Executive Secretary of the Orange Foundation.

orange foundation

The Foundation has been supporting the association's projects in Burkina Faso since 2019.

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