Cambodia: a social center to welcome children after school

Sep 3, 2019

If this Monday, September 2nd was the beginning of the school year in France, 2 million Cambodian children begin their school vacations and only return to school at the beginning of November.

Children playing at the social centerIn Cambodia, many elementary school are in overstaffing. The students are then enrolled half-time in the morning or afternoon, to organize a rotation. We opened a social center in Phnom Penh with our local partner SKO in January 2019 where children are welcomed in a clean and secure environment.

This social center welcomes about ten children per day for free from Monday to Friday. They can come whenever they want, for as long as they want. The children can playparticipate in artistic activities and cultural. Volunteers organized a series of activities and English classes in July and August.

"The children are very excited to spend time in the center. Some wait until the morning when it opens to rush in! Instead of leaving them alone at home or playing in the street, some parents come to entrust their children to the center while they work," says Pierre Larnicol, our project manager in Cambodia.

September 2019

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