Neeta, beneficiary

27 Feb, 2017

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Neeta, "I want them to be punished

"I married young to a poor, uneducated man like myself. We were day laborers in the fields in a village in Nuwakot.
Two years ago, a man came to our house, it was a difficult time for us and he promised to help us. A month later, he came back and said he had found me a job in the city. I was happy, I followed him. But with two of his friends, they took me to a brothel in the north of India. I don't like to talk about that period, I had to receive 10 to 12 clients a day. It lasted 17 months.

Last August, I got sick and was taken to the doctor. I managed to escape on my way back to the village. I immediately met the project team REPAREI was seen by a psychosocial counsellor. It was the first time someone had listened to me. The women's group of the project encouraged me to file a complaint. But I was too afraid of revenge, I didn't feel strong enough. They assured me that they would help me and I was convinced. The police found one of the traffickers very quickly. He has already been tried and is in prison for 20 years. The other two are still wanted.

I feel so much better now, I want women to be protected from these traffickers. I want them to be punished."[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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