May 15, 2018, International Day of the Family

May 15, 2018

On this May 15, 2018, we celebrate International Day of the Family!

The stability of the family environment and access to basic services, such as health, education and housing, are essential elements in the proper development and blossoming of the child. Through our Family Development programs, we aim to improve the living conditions of highly vulnerable populations in urban areas by providing families with the necessary information and psychosocial support to help them resolve their difficulties on their own.

Family support, a very innovative method, is based on the principle that the family, most often carried by the mother, must be at the origin of its development. The objective is to strengthen the autonomy and capacities of the most disadvantaged women, so that they can improve their living conditions and those of their families in a sustainable way.


On this occasion, we look back at the journey of several families who have benefited from our Family Development projects in Burkina Faso, Nepal, Vietnam and Cambodia.

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