Thank you, it was a great race for the little ones!

16 Jun, 2021

In spite of the Covid-19 which limited the size of the event, we still had a great Heroes Run 2021 this Sunday in the Parc de Saint Cloud in Paris, thanks to you, runners, walkers and donors.

Thanks to your support, our team members have raised 4 825€ for the construction of a kindergarten in Cambodia. That's a little more than half of what it takes for the village of Prey Sbov, in Kampot Province, to benefit from its community school. But it's not over yet: even if the event has passed, you can still contribute to the project by supporting one of our members' kitty.

This project is part of our program to support 100 villages in the state certification of their preschools.
This support takes the form of building or renovating schools, training teachers and local councils in school management, and raising parents' awareness of the importance of kindergarten and gender equality.

Very soon we will start the construction of 10 schools with our partner Bandos Komar. In order to support the local economy and to ensure the good progress of the work, we have selected a Cambodian builder, Raziel Business Construction, after a call for tenders.

Prior to the opening of the schools, the date of which is not yet known because of Covid-19, we are preparing information sessions for parents on the needs and rights of children, care and awakening especially, supervised by the teachers of the school previously trained.

In parallel, we are also preparing sessions on gender to raise awareness of gender equality among parents. Topics range from maternal health to managing a family budget.

In total, with this program, we plan to offer more than 2,300 children aged 3 to 6 years old, better conditions of reception and learning in kindergarten each year.

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