"Disadvantaged families don't have access to pediatrician counseling," parenting in Vietnam

24 Mar, 2023
Vietnamese parents discuss their children's education

On March 11, our Vietnamese team organized the first of a series of parenting support workshops in Ho Chi Minh City, within the "Tam Duc group", a group of childcare facilities for children under 6 years old in the Thu Duc district.

Led by Thao, one of our social workers, these workshops are aimed at low-income families.
If some of them did not understand at first the interest of these support sessions, encouraged by the manager of the group where their children are kept, they quickly showed themselves eager to exchange.

The workshop program, recently revised to meet parents' expectations, is designed to be participatory and learner-centered. The first session allowed the participating parents to get to know each other. The next session, on March 25, was devoted to the topic of Gender and equality between girls and boys. The next sessions, scheduled for April 8 and 22, will focus on early childhood nutrition and protection.

" What is the best meal to give him at 2 years old? How long should he nap at 10 months? Most of these disadvantaged families do not necessarily have access to advice from pediatricians or professionals. They say they are happy to have a space to talk, where they can ask questions and learn information about toddler development. ", Thao.

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