Raising awareness of gender discrimination from an early age

22 Jul, 2022

In Cambodia, we are offering this summer a complementary training to the teachers of the kindergartens we have built or renovated. The objective of this training is to raise awareness about gender-based discriminatory behaviors.


Training to avoid all forms of discrimination


50 preschool teachers are receiving a 3-day training on gender and discrimination at the end of July, co-animated by PE&D and Bandos Komar, our local partner.


This training, which is mainly in the form of role-playing, aims to make them aware of practices and behaviors that can reinforce inequalities between girls and boys.

"The preschool teachers we have worked with are already sensitive to gender issues. For example, they are very careful not to 'label' one toy for girls or another for boys. But without realizing it, they still have reflexes that reinforce discriminatory positions, such as asking little girls to clean the blackboard and questioning little boys more often," explains Stéphanie Selle, PE&D's Cambodian Director.


At the end of the training, the teachers will have identified gender-based violence and abuse and will have drafted a charter of good practices.


A phenomenon of gender discrimination in childhood identified at the global level


Gender discrimination starts early. In fact, according to a national consultation of children aged 6 to 18 in France conducted by UNICEF in 2018, inequalities between men and women are nurtured from childhood and even at school where, for example, boys will occupy the center of the playground and leave girls on the sidelines. A state of affairs that will tend to ingrain in girls the idea that they must limit their freedom to move around to protect themselves.


At the age of kindergarten, the brain develops very quickly. Simple intonations emanating from the mouths of adults can have an influence on the future of the child, but also of our societies. It is therefore essential to be aware of this and to ensure that we do not feed discriminatory practices from childhood.


👉 More about the project: https://planete-eed.org/project/lassociation-ped-soutient-leducation-des-enfants-en-maternelle-au-cambodge/

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