Alarming increase in sexual assaults in Vietnam

26 Apr, 2021

Tây Hồ, a neighborhood in Hà Nội where many expatriates live, experienced a spike in sexual assaults and violence last January and February. In response to this violence, a real citizen mobilization has emerged, highlighting the cruel lack of information on how to fight against violence and help victims and survivors.

The problem is not limited to Hà Nội, as in Sài Gòn, a petition has been launched to combat a spike in insecurity (assaults, snatchings, etc.). The local explosion of cases should not make us forget that gender-based violence (GBV) affects the entire Vietnamese society and reflects a global phenomenon.

The Hy Vong project inspired by BATIK International and Planète Enfants & Développement has been providing support to victims of GBV since 2019. The Instagram page of the project provides accurate key information to help victims and at the same time deconstructs the stereotypes at the source of violence.

This article from the Ho Chi Minh Daily looks back on this period and on the citizen and associative actions such as ours set up to respond to it. The Hy Vong project is implemented by BATIK and PE&D, with the support of the AFD and the Swiss Embassy in Vietnam, in partnership with CSAGA and SCDI.

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