Self-confidence, I'm learning - Dinisha in Nepal

17 Feb, 2023

My name is Dinisha, I am 28 years old. I stopped my studies in class 10 (the equivalent of second grade) because we could not afford to continue. My mother got sick and we moved to Kathmandu to get her treated. She passed away soon after. I then started working as a maid.

When I was 20, I got married and had a daughter. I quit my job to raise her and was left with no income. My friends advised me to join the "entertainment industry" in Kathmandu, but I was lucky enough to meet Chhori first.

Today, I am trained in sewing. I also attend the different sessions offered by the association. The psychological support sessions help me to overcome the daily stress. Through the different trainings I have followed, Chhori has allowed me to project myself into the future, to make plans for the future. I am learning new things every day, I am more confident about opening my own sewing business. Having confidence in myself and helping other women in the same situation is what I am looking for now.

Dinisha, 28 years old, Nepalese

Dinisha is one of the 88 women that the Pariwartan social center, opened in June 2022 in the Thamel district of Kathmandu with our partner Chhori, has already welcomed. The social workers of the center have also met 250 women at their workplaces and 15 at their homes.

These young women, masseuses, dancers, singers, drawn into prostitution networks, encounter multiple problems. Many of them have violent relationships with their partners who do not assume their financial responsibilities.

In the center, they benefit from psychological support, advice and care, cultural and sports activities, but also training to change their lives.

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