Profile: Thao, social worker, celebrates 10 years with the association

Jan 25, 2024
Thao Huynh Xuan
Thao Huynh Xuan has been with Planète Enfants & Développement in Vietnam for 10 years. An opportunity to look back on a few memories with her.

"In 10 years of social work with the association, I've helped school dropouts take vocational training courses, followed families and guided them in resolving their health, employment, legal and educational problems...

And today I'm working more specifically on training our animation team and our partners to support families in their parenthood, through the Children's Clubs.

I've come across some difficult situations, and sometimes people in the greatest difficulty give up. I'm thinking, for example, of parents who have always lived without identity papers and who don't know that their child needs a birth certificate to go to school, for example.

But what I remember most is the fighting spirit of some and the progress made with all these families. Let me tell you about this grandmother, who looks after her grandchildren. A boy and a girl. When I met them, they were 4 and 5 years old. I got to know this grandmother by visiting other families in the neighborhood. The children didn't go to school: they collected garbage and bottles to sell. After building up my confidence, I succeeded in accompanying this family. The children obtained birth certificates and started school. The little girl is now in primary school. Although their daily lives remain difficult, school opens up prospects for a brighter future for the children.

I continue to give my best for the future of these children and their families. But I'm going to concentrate very soon on being the best mom myself!"

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