The object that will settle conflicts: the hourglass

30 May, 2022

This week, for our appointment One Week One TipNolwenn Deschard, our Early Childhood expert, tells us about an object that allows us to rethink the education of the youngest.

We all ask ourselves the question of what object is essential when we have children or when we work with children. Most of the time, we think of a game, a toy or a nursery accessory. But no! Today we are talking about the indispensable object that is little recognized in its use with children: the hourglass !

Nolwenn has listed the important points to know about this object that solves many conflicts!


  • It allows autonomy in time management The hourglass will avoid you to press the child with anxious and ineffective remarks ("hurry up", "we don't have time"). Indeed, he will be able to challenge himself with his own hourglass. "At the end of the hourglass, you will be completely dressed", "You activate the hourglass when you want to brush your teeth".


  • It encourages the return to calm Suggest a minute of zen and silence, until the hourglass is turned over! We focus on the present moment, in the quiet.


  • It proposes a different emotional management For example, a different colored hourglass for each different emotion. We know that emotions are ephemeral (they last a few seconds) and that they are even more ephemeral when we fully welcome them. So, we can use an hourglass as soon as an emotion appears! 


  • Of course, it's a new game: "You have 2 minutes to make me guess a word


  • It allows the child to stay focused I work for 10 minutes and then take a 5-minute break 

    hourglass conflict

    The hourglass allows many things that we still underestimate: the perception of time and patience. It also allows us to split up activities and to give a rhythm to the day. 

    It's a simple object that turns out to be more fun and effective than you might think!


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