Back on our experience at the International Handicraft Fair of Ouagadougou!

27 Nov, 2018

PE&D booth at the SIAO

A true trade show for professionals and the undisputed place for promotion of African craftsThe SIAO aims tohe professionalization of a sector that supports millions of people on the continent.

In the framework of this exhibition in Ouagadougou we presented our first collection from educational toys for children under six years of age (fabric, wood, recycled materials, etc.), 100% made in Burkina Faso. These toys are made in a Burkinabe social enterprise supported by La Fabrique.

The company advocates for every child to have access to a quality and caring education from the earliest age. Its mission is to contribute to the development of children's full potential through the design and manufacture of quality local toys because most educational games and toys in Burkina Faso are imported, expensive and not adapted to the socio-cultural context of the country.

The fair was a real success! Almost all the toys were sold, the company received many compliments from the inhabitants of Ouagadougou and the craftsmen and seamstresses were proud that their creations were appreciated.


Wax (traditional African fabric) memorabilia

Wax (traditional African fabric) memorabilia



The company received the Laafi-Bala Award awarded by the decentralized cooperation Chambéry (France) - Ouahigouya (Burkina Faso). This prize will allow PE&D to go to Chambéry in June to participate in the Laafi-Bala Festival.



wax balloon

Wax balloons




From great prospects for the development of the company are offered to us Many orders, new meetings and partnerships, both private and professional!

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