Burkina Faso 

For the quality of education in Burkina Faso
Early childhood development families  2020-2023

Educators trained for quality early childhood education

Since 2010, Planète Enfants & Développement has been working to improve the quality of education in Burkina Faso. The association focuses on the training of preschool educators to enable children to develop their full potential. 

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The context

Schooling for toddlers is still in its infancy in Burkina Faso, where only 6 children out of 100 attend kindergarten.

The government recently validated its National Strategy for the Accelerated Development of Preschool Education (SNDAEP 2021-2025) to improve access, with the construction of schools, but also quality, by focusing on training and equipment. 

Planète Enfants & Développement has been supporting the development of preschool education in Burkina Faso since 2010. The association, which contributed to the creation of 13 preschoolsworks also on the training of teachers and the harmonization of their practices, as well as on the quality of education.

This resulted in: 

  • The creation of pedagogical sheets and a methodological guide to improve the educational practices of teachers, alongside the Burkinabe government
  • The construction and equipping of the early learning and pre-school education center in Gaoua. It is a training center where the students of the National Institute of Training in Social Work (the only one in the country) can put into practice their knowledge with children
  • The creation of an internet resource platform for preschool educators: www.bop.bf
  • Experimentation with local educational games and toys,
  • The creation of a social enterprise for the creation, production and marketing of local games and toys for children aged 0-6 years: BiiBop (https://jouer-biibop.com)

How is your donation used?

For every 100€ collected by Planète Enfants & Développement, 85€ are dedicated to our social mission.

Our projects are evaluated by independent firms. And our accounts are audited and certified each year by KPMG.

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The project

Educator training

In 2019, we began training INFTS teachers, regional trainers, and Central Region directors, educators, and instructors.

We continued this work in 2020: 132 public preschool directors from twelve regions of the country received training in January in Bobo Dioulasso and Ouagadougou. To help them assume their role as trainers in turn, they received the methodological guides and pedagogical sheets developed during the project, to be distributed to all preschool teachers to harmonize practices in the schools.

The collaborative platform bop.fr

Launched in October 2018, the website www.bop.fr continues its ascent. 

This Preschool Toolkit (PTO), the first digital platform dedicated to preschool professionals, offers them:

  • the educational sheets developed during the project in partnership with a scientific committee 
  • activity sheets classified by category: awakening, creation, expression, motor skills or sociability...
  • a review of the strengths of preschool education, which is fundamental to the child's development of motor, sensory, cognitive, emotional and social skills
  • advice on how to prepare for the various early childhood competitions and individual distance learning. 

Finally, the BOP represents a new space for exchange, information and news specific to the Burkinabe preschool.  

The Preschool Toolkit will be replicated in Cambodia and Nepal in the coming months.

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"The pedagogical innovation promoted by the project has resulted in a strong educational community".

BETA Concept, evaluation organization of the project in Burkina Faso

Our partners in the field

National Institute of Social Work Education (INFTS)

Association for the Promotion of the Education of Young Children in Faso (A.P.E.J.E.F)

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