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4 Apr, 2018

Although Burkina Faso is developing ambitious educational policies, many localities still do not have functional and accessible schools and many children remain deprived of their right to education. This summer, in partnership with the Burkinabe association ICCV and the Swiss Foundation Agir Pour Les Enfants, we will launch a project to build a college and a library in a province that lacks educational infrastructure.

card-koubriWhat context?

School became compulsory in Burkina Faso in 2007. However, 32% of school-age children are still not in school. To reduce the number of dropouts, the government is implementing the "educational continuum" policy, which means that children can complete their entire education, from kindergarten to college, in schools that are close to each other and work in coordination.

Our approach?

Education is an essential lever in the fight against poverty. Children deprived of this right are more exposed to abuse, particularly child labor. Without a diploma or support, entering the job market becomes an obstacle course and these young people have to survive on very low incomes.

Our goal?

To fight against school drop-outs which compromise the future of the children of Koubri by offering them better learning conditions, a canteen, and access to post-primary education (college). Enriching extracurricular activities will be offered to all the children and inhabitants of the province: tutoring, reading workshops, socio-educational activities, computer courses... etc.


This project is scheduled to begin in August 2018 with the construction of a middle school, library, kitchen and latrines.
The college will be public and the teaching and administrative teams will be assigned by the Ministry, for an opening at the beginning of the 2019 school year.
In December 2021, the infrastructure and all new activities will have to be operational and managed by the local actors.


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