Managing children's emotions

6 Apr, 2022

Your little child screams, cries, stumbles...he is dealing with an overflow of emotions that his brain does not yet have the physical capacity to control. To better understand and facilitate the management of our children's emotions, let's take an interest in the concept of the "emotional cup" proposed by the Upbility educational resources site.


What is the emotional cup?

Upbility explains that every child, in order to feel good, must have a full "cup". of affection, love, security and attention. However, in certain everyday situations, the cup becomes empty, which provokes emotions that the child must learn to manage.


What situations can cause negative emotions in children?

For example, when they are rejected by other children, when they feel lonely, when they are in a stressful environment, when they are forced to do something they don't like, when they are tired...children will react in different ways to deal with their emotions and try to refill their cup.

 Some will try to get an adult's attention by misbehaving, showing impatience, becoming aggressive, shouting... It is easy to talk about "tantrums".


What if we saw tantrums as an overflow of emotions that the child can no longer manage rather than as a tantrum?

It is difficult for him to do this on his own, so help the child to refill his cup!

Listening, attention, calmness, concentration, a game that he likes and that he chooses and succeeds, an exchange with a friend, ... are all good practices that will get the child out of his negative emotions.

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