Orange Foundation supports education and health in Burkina Faso

19 Apr, 2022

For the second time and within the framework of its program "Villages and Maternal and Child Health", the Orange Foundation trusts Planète Enfants & Développement to improve access to education and health for 5,000 people in rural areas.

The village of Napagting-Gounghin is located in the commune of Koubri, about thirty kilometers from the capital. It has an elementary school, a college and a health center. However, the school, built in 1984, has never been renovated and the school furniture is inadequate and has deteriorated. As for the health center, it is struggling to cope with the growing population that is moving closer to the big cities to escape the armed violence in the countryside. Not to mention the solar energy system, which is no longer sufficient to supply these infrastructures properly.

With the grant from the Orange Foundation, we will rehabilitate the 6 primary classrooms, equip the school and the college with furniture and computer equipment and build a sports field. We will also improve the school canteen by helping to purchase food, installing a water tower and training the staff to prepare healthy and balanced meals. We also plan to provide the health center with additional beds. Finally, we will increase the power of the solar electricity system to power these facilities.

This new commitment by the Orange Foundation is part of a partnership initiated in 2020. With its support, we have strengthened access to healthcare and the right to identity in the village of Biyéné (birth certificates issued to 184 children, solar electrification of the health center, delivery of a tricycle ambulance...).

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