Presidential elections: proposals for the general interest

17 Feb, 2022

On February 27, we are celebrating World NGO Day*: an opportunity to highlight the generosity and commitment of the French. But also to remind that our organizations have a significant weight in the economic and social dynamics of the country and the world. With less than two months to go before the presidential elections, Planète Enfants & Développement joins the Generosity Coalition to put forward concrete proposals for the development of missions for the common good.  


"Effective generosity that transforms the country"

Nearly 8.5 billion donations, 20 million volunteers, 2 million employees... the trust of the French people carries a chain of actors who, for decades, have not been satisfied with "repairing the fractures of the world". It also actively participates in the progress and innovation of our society (in medical and health research, the environment, social progress...)

Often a laboratory for public policies, complementary and even a partner of the public authorities, our sector is nevertheless not listened to enough by elected officials.


The Generosity CoalitionA group of groups representing the actors of generosity and commitment in France. 8 proposals to the presidential candidates and elected members of parliament to support commitment and generosity throughout life, to adapt the legal and fiscal framework and to simplify the political dialogue.


Proposals to multiply the impact of NGO action

  • Proposal No. 1 Include education in generosity and commitment in the Citizen's Pathway, starting in school
  • Proposal No. 2 Develop donations of paid time off and vacation time to nonprofit organizations
  • Proposal No. 3 Strengthen and expand the commitment leave program
  • Proposal No. 4 Establish a simple, clear and stable tax regime for individual and corporate donations
  • Proposal #5 Facilitate and encourage bequests and donations to non-profit organizations
  • Proposal #6 Open a project to simplify the system and statutes of foundations and to improve administrative procedures
  • Proposal #7 Create a "disinterested management company" status, with tax and governance rules adapted to the constraints of a non-profit economic activity
  • Proposal #8 Establish an annual national forum on generosity and commitment

Who are the members of the Generosity Coalition?

The Generosity Coalition brings together : Admical, French Association of Fundraisers, French Center for Funds and Foundations, Gift of trust, Companies for the city, France Générosités, IDAF (Institute of Directors of Associations and Foundations), IDEAS Institute, The Associative Movement.


>> White Paper of the Generosity Coalition Discover the portrait of France's commitment, the impact of generosity and the details of the 8 proposals

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