Covid-19: our response in Vietnam

21 May, 2020

Distribution of masks. Photo credits Consulate General of France in Ho Chi Minh City.

Episode 3/4: Vietnam

With a strict surveillance of its population and sanctions that can be severe, Vietnam seems today to control the health crisis of Covid-19. If life is gradually returning to normal, the last 3 months have been very hard for many inhabitants. Here is an overview of our activities in Vietnam to help them.

Support for students in professional integration

As of February, Vietnam was closing schools. Planète Enfants & Développement in Vietnam has set up various initiatives with the Nhan Dao partner vocational training center :

  • the students of our beauty salon Là Nails were able to follow a online English courses April 24 and receive video lessons from our local team.
  • we supported Nhan Dao in the implementation of a life skills" course module to have the students work on their skills and talents acquired through their life experience. Hoa, our social worker, gathered 18 students motivated for a lively online session, which ended up lasting two hours instead of one!

Food distribution to the most affected families

With our local partner TFCF, we organized a distribution of essential products to 30 families distributed in two social centers of Ho Chi Minh City. 

Telephone follow-up for the most vulnerable

In parallel to the distribution, social workers from the Centre de Travail Social pour l'Enfance (CTSE), our local partner, have called more than 100 families in each district. An opportunity toidentify affected families by the virus, from better understand their difficulties the crisis, and to provide them with information, particularly on the food distribution locations in Ho Chi Minh City.

Advice on special social aid measures that have been put in place

From May 21, we also set up information sessions to present the special social aid released by the Vietnamese government to face the crisis. 

>> Despite our efforts, many students from disadvantaged families have not been able to take their courses at a distance due to lack of access to a computer or Internet connection. We would therefore like to organize a distribution of telephone cards with Internet credit to enable them to attend online courses. We would also like to distribute 15 smartphones or tablets to students who do not have one. 

You can help us to accompany them in this difficult period. Thank you for your gesture.

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May 21, 2020

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