Promoting the BOP digital platform in nursery schools

Oct 24, 2023
Promoting the BOP digital platform in nursery schools

To promote the use of the "BOP" internet platform for educational resources in nursery schools, our supervisor Massimbo Adama organized a visit to 10 schools in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, at the beginning of October.

We recently improved the configuration and updated the content of the Boîte à Outils du Préscolaire (BOP), Burkina Faso's leading digital platform for educational resources. A good opportunity to promote it again.

At the beginning of October, Massimbo Adama, the tool's supervisor, went to meet the principals and teachers of 10 pre-schools (CEEP) that we support in Ouagadougou, to make them aware of the richness of this tool.

In fact, BOP is packed with activity sheets to give ideas for classroom use, official documents relating to preschool in the country, tips for preparing for competitions, and a space for exchanges between colleagues.

"We also took advantage of these visits to encourage participation in our competition for the best preschool teaching sheet in Burkina Faso, which closes on October 30. The aim of this competition is to showcase the work of teaching teams in schools, and to share best practices among peers", Massimbo Adama.

> Discover the BOP, Preschool Toolbox in Burkina Faso

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