Burkina Faso 

College against school dropout in Burkina Faso

Socio-professional integration 2018-2021

A college against school dropout

In sub-Saharan Africa, dropping out of school is a real challenge. Even more so in the countryside where children help their families in the fields, to look after their brothers and sisters, but also where they often have to travel several kilometers to get to school...

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The context

Burkina Faso set a program in 2012 that advocates for compulsory schooling until age 16 and free public schooling.

This Strategic Development Program for Basic Education (PDSEB 2012-2021) defines "formal basic education" which includes: pre-school education, primary education (6 years) and post-primary education (middle school, 4 years). 

It also aims to encourage children to continue their studies by avoiding them having to change schools until they obtain their BEPC (Brevet d'études du premier cycle). 

This is referred to as the "educational continuum". 

The commune of Koubri, in the province of Kadiogo, faces multiple challenges to ensure the continuation of children's education: 

- the number of elementary school has increased but the secondary schools are either lacking or are too far from the students' homes.

- School canteens have difficulty in obtaining supplies all year round. They must find economical solutions, while offering balanced meals.

- children do not have any extra-curricular activities in the commune. 

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child does not complete the primary cycle.


of girls are married before they turn 15


of girls go to college

The project

In 2018, the Foundation "Agir pour les enfants", a partner of our association, delegated to Planète Enfants & Développement the construction of a college in the department of Koubri, with the local association ICCV. 

The new college is therefore located right next to the elementary school in the village of Napagting-Gounghin. 

  • Construction of 4 classrooms to accommodate 240 students per year, as well as a staff room and toilets. 
  • Construction and equipment of a school canteen for the primary and junior high schools

At the start of the 2020-2021 school year, the college welcomed 97 children (including 56 girls): 52 students in 6th grade, 14 students in 5th grade, 14 students in 4th grade and 17 students in 3rd grade. The school's enrollment is growing.

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"It is because we are convinced that educational continuity can be decisive in a child's schooling, and to remedy the lack of schools, that we accepted the mission entrusted to us by the Fondation Agir Pour Les Enfants. "

Véronique Jenn-Treyer, Director of Planète Enfants & Développement

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