Children's club in Vietnam: what do parents think?

Jun 22, 2023

We interviewed parents who take part in the Children's Club, held every 15 days at the Tan Phu social center in Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam). Organized by our social workers, this club is an opportunity for parents and young children to play together and bond, with occasional contributions from experts. So what do parents think?

The kids' club helps me better understand my children's needs.

The club gives me the knowledge to take care of, feed and offer activities to my children.

Since I joined the Children's Club, my son's health has improved.

The club has enabled me to talk more with my children. I also feel stronger to protect them from potential risks such as accidents or abuse.

Exchanges with the animators give me confidence and help me to apply advice.
I'd like to thank the organizers for creating this time of sharing.

The kids' club has enabled me to share with others the challenges and joys of raising children. By sharing my difficulties and being listened to, I feel supported.

Now I play with my children every day.

I encourage my children to be independent.

I praise my children when they help out and guide them to put their things away.

I also teach them to differentiate between good and bad behavior.

Kids love going to the club because they can find new toys and new friends.

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