India: a new early childhood project

Jan 22, 2024
Toddlers in India, credit Tomorrow's Foundation

This project, developed by our partner Tomorrow's Foundation in India, targets children under 6 in 170 villages in the Birkhum district of West Bengal.

Before entering elementary school, children attend Anganwadi centers, rural public day-care centers. But today, the Indian government, families and educational teams are finding that children are having a hard time entering elementary school, that they're not ready.

The aim of this project, entitled "Ananda path" (which means "learning with joy"), is to improve the awareness and learning of 6,000 toddlers, using playful methods. Launched last October, it involves the teams of 170 public day-care centers, guiding them towards new educational methods. It aims to train young people from the villages, but also to raise parents' awareness of the importance of care and stimulation from birth.

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