Portrait of the month: Mao Sophors, Early Childhood Project Manager (CBCC)

Jun 22, 2023
Mao Sophors

Sophors, tell us a little about yourself!

My name is Mao Sophors, I'm 39 and I live in Kandal province, Cambodia. I'm married and have two children. I enjoy cooking, boxing and playing soccer. My colleagues describe me as a cheerful person!
I spent my entire university career in Cambodia. After obtaining a bachelor's degree in rural development in 2006, I continued with a master's degree in project management in 2012. I recently resumed my studies alongside my work with a Master's in Health in 2021. And in 2022, I started a PhD in public administration at the Royal Academy of Cambodia. I don't have time to be bored!

What is your role at Planète Enfants & Développement?

I joined the association at the end of 2011, as Assistant Project Manager for sexual and reproductive health in Cambodia. And before taking up my current position, I supervised the implementation of day-care centers and health services in factories. Today, I'm in charge of developing village crèches, an innovative form of childcare in my country. As Project Manager, I have to recruit and manage my team, liaise with our technical, financial and public partners, discuss and negotiate with the project's stakeholders - factories, communes, ministries - manage communication, monitor results and budgets...

What are your hopes for the future?

I hope that the affordable crèche model will spread across the country. It has the potential to make women more financially independent, enable them to seek paid employment and reduce gender inequality.
And I'm convinced that children who have access to early childhood education and care are more likely to do well in school, be healthier and more productive as adults. Childcare is a win-win for everyone: children, parents, employees, employers and ultimately the country's development.

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