An "eco" construction model for kindergartens in Cambodia

9 Nov, 2021

As part of our project to support 100 communal kindergartens in Cambodia, 34 new schools will be built using a new model that is faster to set up and less expensive, but will still allow them to meet the criteria required by the government to become public schools and obtain subsidies. 

Notre projet initial, aux côtés de notre partenaire Bandos Komarprovides for the construction of 20 schools and the renovation of 80 The project will be completed by the end of 2022. After further study, we realized that some buildings were too unstable to be renovated. We therefore looked for solutions to to secure the children and found that it could offer school construction that was more economical than the standard model required by the state, but that still met its requirements. 

The first construction of these schools called " eco smart "have begun. With a total cost of 3 600$ against 10 000$ for the standard state model, each school is built with simple, easy-to-install materials, such as a zinc roof par exemple, que les communes pourront facilement faire évoluer si elles en ont les moyens dans le futur. 

La clé de réussite de ce nouveau modèle repose sur the mobilization of municipalitiesThe project is being carried out with the help of local people and families who are very committed to providing manpower and materials. 

For more information on the project to support 100 communal kindergartens in Cambodiafollow this link.

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