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24 Feb, 2017

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Act now to help them grow up in a better world!

In the midst of the humanitarian dramas that surround us, we want to draw your attention to our actions in favor of preschooling young children. There is nothing trivial about it. ALLThe fight against poverty, against inequality, against wars, for well-being, depends on the education of our childrenand their development. And in education, EVERYTHING starts in the first years of life.

According to all the scientific studies on education, the nursery school is a place of socialization for the child and its attendance is an asset for his awakening and the acquisition of knowledge. It is also a place of protection for children in great difficulty. On the other hand, the delays accumulated very early on in terms of cognitive, linguistic and socio-affective skills compromise the development of the child and his future.
Studies by leading economists such as James Heckman, winner of the 2012 Nobel Prize in Economics, show that people who received educational and health interventions at an early age go on to have earnings prospects that are 25 % higher. In other words, investing in early childhood development is the most cost-effective way to fight poverty and all the ills that come with it.

But still too few children have access to pre-school education, especially when they come from disadvantaged backgrounds.

At Planète Enfants & Développement, we have 3 programs that reach over 2000 children per year in Burkina Faso, Cambodia and Nepal.
The aim is to facilitate access to pre-school for children from disadvantaged families or neighborhoods and to protect 3-6 year olds from a violent environment. The impact is decisive on the protection and development of children and their families.

In Cambodia and Burkina Faso, we have strengthened access to pre-school education by building, renovating and equipping community schools in disadvantaged areas and training teachers. More than 2000 children of which 51% are girls benefit each year from these structuress. In the Burkinabe areas where we work, the preschooling rate is 34% compared to the national average of 4%! In Nepal, we welcome in our kindergarten children of young women working in the prostitution sector and we offer physical protection and psychological support to our young public. A long term work, for more than 8 years, has been led with our partners and allows us to prepare between 20 and 30 children per year at the public elementary school.

With the services and structures we have developed, we now want to support local early childhood actors. Together we will design, produce and distribute on a larger scale manuals, educational tools, games and toys to promote the development of young children. We will also expand community and family awareness of early childhood development, the benefits of preschooling, and all aspects of child development: nutrition, health, and parent-child relationships.

As you know, it is by constantly seeking funding that we can carry out our projects. Your donations will therefore be decisive in developing our activities for preschooling in 2017.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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