Hand Hygiene for Children: From Burkina Faso to Nepal

29 Jan, 2020

Children of the Jalupa school in Gongabu, NepalAt the end of December, we visited the Jalupa school in the north of Kathmandu in Nepal, to present them the Yak project. Inspired by the " Elephant memory "This project in Burkina Faso aims to encourage children to wash their hands and brush their teeth regularly.

The system, which was set up and studied over a period of six months, includes several tools: amusing "washbasins" in the shape of a Yak (a ruminant animal that is very common in Nepal), which are supposed to encourage children to wash their hands. But also the training of the teachers to the stakes of a good hygiene with the handing-over of an educational manual, posters and songs to teach the good gestures to the children.

In a few figures :

The device will benefit 8 schools of Kathmandu and 14 schools of the district of Dhading.
- A Kathmandu : 330 children and 100 teachers project beneficiaries
- In the Dhading district, 490 children and 20 teachers beneficiaries of the project.

the Yak sink

January 19, 2020

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