In the slums of Phnom Penh, the fight against precariousness is gaining momentum!

Nov 8, 2018

25% of Phnom Penh's inhabitants live in areas considered as slums... and 30% of them live below the poverty line. Among the most precarious families, we find single mothers, young parents, migrant workers...

Mother and son help clean up drainage site

Mother and son help clean up drainage site

At the time of the end of monsoon floods, the situation is terrible: makeshift shelters are collapsing, diseases are spreading and children are drowning. Initiated in 2016, and in response to this chronic horror, our work with extremely destitute families living in unhealthy and precarious habitats is growing.

Still based on our methodology of individualized social accompaniment of families, we are starting a vast 3-year program to help 300 vulnerable families put in place sustainable solutions to their problems: administrative procedures, access to school, access to health care, economic empowerment, but also hygiene issues and risks related to climatic hazards. To improve housing while allowing beneficiaries to recover materials acquired in case of eviction, personalized kits will be developed for 150 of the most vulnerable families. More complete renovations are envisaged for an additional 15 houses.

Our objective is to implement at least one collective project in each of the 8 districts, where the inhabitants will be actors of change: accompanied by our teams, they will imagine their own projects of access to the municipal water network and drainage of rainwater.

In the end, the living conditions of children in these precarious neighborhoods will be transformed over the long term.

framed slum

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