A new art therapy session at the Pariwartan social center in Nepal

Sep 28, 2023

A dozen women from the Pariwartan social center in Kathmandu benefited from an art therapy session on September 13 in Nepal.
This art therapy workshop, on the theme of meditation and somatic experimentation (better known as Somatic Experiencing), was designed to help them release their tensions, for a moment away from their everyday difficulties.

Art therapy session in Nepal with women victims of exploitation

The workshop leader invited participants to use paper, felt-tip pens and chalk to draw the place where they imagined they would feel safe during the meditation time she had guided beforehand. They were then able to put words to their drawings and express their feelings.

" I really enjoyed picturing my dream home and family. I was transported to another place and felt more peaceful during the workshop. I seemed to forget my problems... "confides Reeya (first name changed).

While some of them had to return immediately to the workplaces where they are exploited, the other young women enjoyed the meal specially prepared for the Teej festival and danced freely, in a simple moment of shared happiness.

> Find out more about the project at the Pariwartan social center 

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