The evening '120′ for the future of our children, a success

27 Oct, 2021

100 people were gathered on October 21 in the Salon Arcades of the Paris City Hall, to participate in our evening "120′ for the future of our children". It allowed the association to raise nearly 115 000€ and left unforgettable memories in each of the participants.

In an exceptional setting, the Hôtel de Ville de Paris, this evening was an opportunity for our donors and partners to (re) discover, meet and discuss with our project leaders in Burkina Faso, Cambodia, Vietnam and Nepal.

Véronique Mikec, volunteer and donorsays of the evening: "[...] As a volunteer for one evening, I could feel this joy shared between all of us... This pride to say that we can do something for tomorrow to be better in terms of respect for the human being... For equal opportunities for all children to access normally and simply to the discovery of life and thus to this primordial step called "Education" :-)..."

We thank our donors and donorsour support committeeour volunteers, partners (the City of Paris - co-organizer of the event - who kindly welcomed us, as well as the Wolfberger house), our facilitators Caroline Michel-Aguirre and Maître Aymeric Rouillac, and Obole Digital, who made the evening exceptional.

We will continue our efforts to hopefully reach the 130 000 which will fund all eight projects presented during the evening. 

> There is still time to participate by making a donation on : 

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