New housing renovations started in Phnom Penh

Sep 6, 2022

During the month of August, we helped 7 new Cambodian families to renovate their homes in precarious areas of Phnom Penh.


To deal with the most urgent situations, groups of relay residents (PASSA) have listed on a map the most precarious dwellings in their neighborhoods, which they then prioritize (from 1 to 3).


With our partner SKO, we went on site to meet the families and determine their needs in order to adapt the renovation to each situation.

Then our construction team did feasibility studies for each home, estimated the nature and cost of the work, supplied the materials and finally supported the employment of skilled labor to do the renovations.

In addition to the renovations, the beneficiaries attend training sessions on family budget management and gender equality for several weeks.


The renovations of 14 other houses will begin shortly as we begin the parallel process of listing priority 3 recipients.  

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