A comic book about family support in the slums of Cambodia

26 Oct, 2021

While the first 3-year phase of our project ended in June 2021, we are publishing a comic book in English to summarize our work in the field and launching activities in new areas of Phnom Penh to improve the living conditions of families in the slums.

Capitalize on our actions to share our experiences and learnings This is one of the objectives of the comic book that our Cambodian team has produced in English and distributed on site. This comic book highlights the story of a couple in difficulty that Planète Enfants & Développement will support to find solutions.


The story of this couple is more or less that of the 282 families who have benefited from a family accompaniment by our social workers over the past three years. It is also that of women victims of domestic violence who have been trained, often with their spouses, to manage the family budget. This has allowed them to take a different place in the household, to acquire a greater financial autonomy and to break taboos within the couple. Finally, it is also the story of 103 families who were able to co-finance renovation work on their homes to protect their children and live with more dignity.

After 3 years of teaching, we are now starting a new phase in the new districts. Of the eight targeted, we have already identified four in the north of Phnom Penh, on the outskirts of the city.


In addition to thesocial assistance We want to go further in the training and empowerment of the PASSA volunteer groups (who represent the voice of the inhabitants to the local authorities). We also want to experiment and encourage the development of urban agriculture by residents to relieve their budget.

Finally, we will also work with the association SIPAR to promote access to reading. A " mobile library "The library will meet with children one half-day per week in each neighborhood to allow them to borrow and consult books.

>More information on the project to improve living conditions in the slums of Phnom Penh (HALI) by clicking here


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