Healthy to grow up well


  • 1/3 of the world's children are malnourished.
  • 14 x higher: the maternal mortality rate in developing countries
  • 21 to 61% is the reduction in school absenteeism for children who wash their hands in low-income countries (less sick)

A woman's health during pregnancy is essential for her child's development. However, many young working women, with their hectic work schedules, do not have the time to attend medical check-ups. 
In recent years, our actions have focused on garment factories in Cambodia to develop occupational medicine; but also to improve the nutrition of young children in Vietnam or the hygiene of children at school in Burkina Faso.

PE&D health

Our projects to improve child and maternal health

Kidora Daycare, a social enterprise

Cambodia Early Childhood Development | Since 2020 Kidora Daycare, a social enterprise Cambodian society is changing. Traditional models are being questioned and more and more women are working outside the home.

BiiBop games and toys

Burkina: Biibop, a social enterprise for games and toys

Burkina Faso Early Childhood Development Since 2019 BiiBop, social enterprise for games and toys The few nurseries and kindergartens called CEEP (Centre d'Eveil et d'Education Préscolaire) in Burkina Faso lack games and toys to stimulate...


Burkina: a college against school dropout

Burkina Faso Socio-professional Insertion 2018-2021 A college against school dropout In sub-Saharan Africa, school dropout is a real challenge. Even more so in the countryside where children help their families in the fields, to keep...

child health in Burkina Faso

Burkina: hygiene in schools

Burkina Faso Maternal and Child Health 2019-2021 Improving hygiene in schools Initiated in 2019 in Burkina Faso, the project to install handwashing devices in schools protects children from many diseases and promotes their...

Training of Early Childhood professionals in Burkina Faso

Burkina: efficient social and civil registration services

Burkina Faso Early Childhood Development | Family Support 2019-2021 For efficient social and civil registration services Burkina Faso's population is exploding in large cities, driven by births and internal displacement. 23%...

children in Burkina Faso

Burkina: the job of a maternal assistant

Burkina Faso Early childhood development | Socio-professional integration 2018-2021 The profession of maternal assistant: for the awakening of children To respond to the lack of quality childcare facilities for children under 3 years old and the problem of...

Burkina: supporting parenting

Burkina Faso Early Childhood Development | Family Support 2020-2023 Supporting Parenthood To prepare future generations and fight against inequality and extreme poverty in Burkina Faso, it is urgent to help parents prepare for the future.

Baby in Burkina Faso

Burkina: improving early learning for children ages 3 to 6

Burkina Faso Early Childhood Development 2020-2023 Improving the development of children aged 3 to 6 Only 61% of children are enrolled in preschool in Burkina Faso. Yet we know that pre-school education facilitates future learning, by...

Burkina-Faso: all our projects

Burkina Faso : all our projectsBURKINA FASOImproving the development of children from 3 to 6 years oldTrained educators for a quality educationSupporting parenthoodThe profession of kindergarten assistantEfficient social services and civil statusImproving hygiene...

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